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    There are cardio clear 7 a lot of different theories and programs on how to lose weight fast. There are weight loss exercise programs, abdominal crunches, Aerobics, low fat food programs, high protein diet, low carb diets, and low/no carb diets. To lose weight fast in a healthy manner, we need balance, variety and moderation. Our bodies and metabolism need the right amounts of these 3 things.

    Couple this with a sensible diet, consisting of lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and low fat proteins like lean meat, fish, beans, tofu unsalted, unsalted nuts and very little of refined carbohydrates or sugary foods. And then there is this great looking cake. The so called cake of the day. Make it a point not to eat this cake if you can. Time to throw that expensive cake out. If you must have it, afterwards cardio clear 7 website eat two or three healthy snacks to balance the calories gained from the cake. cakes and sweets are bad because they are so highly refined and processed, with practically no nutritional value and lots of calories. If you eat cake and sweets it should be the special occasion and you should not feel guilty afterwards. Learn to enjoy your cake for the other two meals in the week instead of one time per week if you like cake. Dessert should never be a staple meal, but it can be served as often as you like and it will so be acceptable as long as you do not over do it.

    Now for the abdominal crunches, these are good strength training exercises, or muscle toning exercises. You will want to do your exercise repetitions in a capacity that will allow you to stop when you cannot do it any more. The real good exercise for the abdominals is the exercise ball crunch.

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    This is one you can do quickly and simply, I recommend you do it standing on your left knee. Remember always look to the floor. Place that hand firmly behind your head butt. Slowly inhale. As you exhale slowly roll your head forward slowly and as far as you can go toward your knee. Try to do this motion while exhaling. Hold this for a moment. Slowly return to an upright position. Relax your abdominal muscles for a moment. Repeat the procedure there are countless variations of this. Even when you are at the gym take a quick look at there are several different exercises that you can do for your abs. Each and every one of these will help.

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    Cardio is the second part, not really an important part in a diet and weight loss program. You should look at it as an important function in your overall diet and exercise program. What one needs to focus on.

    Whether it be walking, swimming, bicycling, running, tennis whatever form of cardio workout you choose make sure that you do it for a long period of time with proper intensity and technique. That’s it. It really doesn’t take much more than that to start seeing and feeling a difference in your diet and weight loss program. The important thing is just get out and do it. Try doing it the first day. Even if you only walk briskly, take an extra five minutes to warm up and stretch. After you are past the warm up stage you can then start your workout period. Make sure to finish it before you start heading home. This way you are not warming up and cooling down before and after the workout. Taking some modest length of break is vital to your health, wealth and well-being.

    The real key to this whole new lifestyle and diet is that you stay with it. You need to adhere to your new dietary and exercise plans. It is not good to give up in between. Physical exercise need to be done frequently enough and regularly to be effective. It should be 30-45 minutes of either cardio or strength training every day. This together with the right food, plenty of water, enough sleep and minimal stress, will get you to attain your new, slim, healthy figure.

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